Sophie Constanze Polheim                                                        



May 2022                        If you need me, I’m (still) in the basement
                                        Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig

February 2022               Rundgang Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig

October 2021                Are we not plunging continually (group show) nyg|west, Leipzig
                                        + circuits and currents, Athens

October 2021                AND NOW (group show) UG Halle14, Spinnerei Leipzig     

September 2021           Game Changer (group show) Tapetenwerk, Leipzig

September 2021           Liquid Crystallization (group show) galerie KUB, Leipzig

July 2021                        DOSIS I (group show) Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig      


2nd December 2021 - Rote Sonne, Munich 

15th September 2021 - 20:15
lecture/sound performance with Tianxu Liu (T-Mini Gallery) + Henrik Rohde @galerie KUB